The Gathering Art Book
The Gathering

This is the book you've heard about, a collaborative 20 year reunion work by 41 of the first artists who worked on the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.

*I'm terribly sorry, but I've sold out of my last of the copies of The Gathering.

I have these beautiful prints of my art in the book, The White Tree.

It is possible that another of the artists in the book may still have a copy, so you can try them, Jeff Menges at Full Steam Press, or a dealer.

The White Tree, from The Gathering

The White Tree
Original is NFS 
Acrylic & Oil

11x14" Prints available: $30
This is the painting I created for our book The Gathering.

If you already own a copy and would like it autographed and personalized by the artist Randy Asplund, to commission some artwork to go inside on the blank pages, please contact me.

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The Gathering artbook by Magic The Gathering artists
The Gathering was created by the artists, and the only affiliation with WOTC or Hasbro has been their approvals on image use. And thanks to the tremendous efforts of Jeff Menges, Pete Venters, and others, the book is a huge success! We funded it on Kickstarter, which is why you will not find it available in stores. We raised about $150,000 in our campaign, mostly for pre-order sales, but a lot of that money went into enhancements in the book itself; spot gloss, embossing on the hardbackwith gold foil, etc. Even the paperback edition is high quality binding.
And best of all, this rare book was produced and printed in the USA!

Many of your favorite classic Magic period artists are represented in this book. Each contributed a new painting, a picture of one of their cards from the period, and many also showed something about what they work on when not doing Magic art. We also wrote about our experiences or what we are doing these days. The Gathering is 112 pages of art and glory!

In addition to all of this, there are additional pages showing sketches of the creative process, there is a Forward by co-Magic The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, and an Afterward by our first art director Jesper Myfors.
The Gathering is dedicated to the fond memory of our fellow M:TG artist and friend Quinton Hoover, who passed away during the production.
  If you already have a copy of The Gathering, you can commission Randy to do a personalized piece of artwork on the front white page or the printed parchment end pages of the hardback. Ask for details.