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    My wife Ann is a fabulous textile artist, clothing and costume maker. She also teaches classes and individuals-
Please visit Ann's page
for sewing, costuming, and authentic nålbinding (needlebinding)

Trade or Sell

Storm The Castle.Com is a site where you find Science fiction books, movies, posters and more. Matt Cail. Premier site for affordable horror ART, including paintings, commissions, t-shirts, comics, and more! - UK based company specialising in the Trading, Buying and Selling of Magic The Gathering, World of Warcraft and many more Hobby Games and Accessories. Free 24 hour worldwide shipping here!

Art For Sale Online Gallery Art For Sale Paintings Gallery .Art for sale by famous artists in online art gallery. Buy original paintings and other art works. Abstract art paintings, landscape paintings, nude paintings, surrealism paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture and decor for purchase.

Gallery Today Beautiful abstract paintings on

Get Work as a Fantasy Artist
Tom Baxa, pro fantasy artist, just released an ebook called “Get Work as a Fantasy Artist” and it’s packed with insider strategies to help you get jobs! I have written a contribution in this book.


Models or Miniatures

Airfix Models from England. Aircraft and other.

DML Dragon Models from China.

Eduard Great WWI aircraft models from Czechoslovakia.

Italeri Plastic model aircraft from Italy.

Just Kits & Models UK based Just Kits & Models provides plastic kits and plastic model kits which mainly include plastic aircraft model, plastic vehicle models, plastic ship models, military vehicles model, military figures, maritime vessels and dioramas. Good stock of aircraft kits, ship kits, boat kits and road vechicle kits like car model kits, lorries model kits, motorbikes model kits.

LeelandWest  A Beginner's Guide To Model Cars. This page has links to model builing web pages.

Tamiya Models Models from Japan

Planet Models: Czech Republic (US site) full of Luft '46 models and pictures of models.

PM Models from Turkey.

Revell of Germany Model maker and repackager of kits by other companies.

Revell/Monogram: Plastic model kit maker who produces my Star Trek Voyager, Babylon 5, and Battlestar Galactica pieces.

Testors Model maker.

Trade-A-Plane A history of model airplanes

Online Model Kit Stores

Model Expo  Wood models of all sorts, especially ships.

Phoenix Mostly RC

Roll Models

Squadron  Squadron has a huge selection, great prices, and a lot of "How To" articles and reviews. This is a superb site.

Other Model refs

Warbirds Resource Group -Luftwaffe

Luft '46 WWII German aircraft projects

IPMS: International Plastic Model Society

CultTVman's SF Modeling Page

Fine Scale Modeler Magazine

Starship Modeler

RLM Color List

World War I  Modeling Page

Luftwaffe Late War Fighter Camouflage - Part Three

Model Aces, Museum Quality Scale Model Aircraft Replicas Creating professionally built scale model airplane replicas. Specializing in WWII military aircraft ­ 1/32 and 1/48 scale.

In addition, I'd like to offer some links which were suggested by the very considerate Mandy Moore. These have to do with collections, including models and artworks. They range from advice on care, to packing and cleaning tips. I found them quite interesting and there are many useful observations. Thank you Mandy!

At-Home Hobby Storage & Organization
Tips for Cleaning Your Collection
Moving with Your Hobby
Market Price Calculator
Authenticity: Know Your Legal Rights
Spot a Fake Autograph
Protect Your Hobby 

Science Fiction Links

Babylon 5: This is your link to the Babylon 5 web site.

Battlestar Galactica official web site.

ConClave A South East MI science Fiction convention often held in Lansing MI. in October.

ConFusion The largest Michigan Literary Science Fiction Convention in late January.

Lunacon A science fiction convention held in Rye New York in mid-March.

Marcon A science Fiction convention held at the end of May in Columbus OH.

The Stilyagi Air Corps: This is the web site of our local Science Fiction club. The same group that brings you ConFUSION, a regional sized SF convention every January in the Detroit area.

Wizards Of The Coast Conventions Page with links to ORIGINS and GENCON game industry expos.


Scribe Links

Guild Mirandola (Patricia Miranda) Dosalena's Illumination, Icon and other panel painting supplies: Pigments, tools, gold, and parchment


Association Of Restorers -Articles

Leaves Of Gold: Treasures Of Manuscript Illumination

Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Resources

MFA - Conservation and Art Materials Dictionary The Museum of Fine Arts Boston

The Schøyen MSS Collection


Iron gall ink

Ink Corrosion Homepage

Sinopia On-Line Pigment and Raw Artist Materials Catalog

Alchemist Paints & Varnishes



Art Gallery Worldwide A lot of artworks in different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers to buy and sell their art.

Art Schools Digital Art School Digital is the digital source for art students.

    Agora Gallery Contemporary fine art gallery established 1984, located in Chelsea , New York art galleries district. The public is invited to the gallery art openings receptions. Sponsor of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition and publisher of ARTisSpectrum magazine. Painters, sculptors and photographers are welcome to submit their portfolios for review.

Joan of Arc ­ Maid of Heaven
Comprehensive site about Saint Joan of Arc containing complete history, timeline, quick facts, quotes, pictures, more

- Visit the Internet's #1 destination for Fairies and Folklore. 

Architecture, Designs, and Clothing of the Medieval Lifestyle

Steampunk Costumes and Victorian Dresses Steampunk clothing is synonym to punk sub-genre. Steampunk sub-genre which was started by people who shared common feeling for science and fantasy gradually enters into the lifestyle of people in the form of punk apparels and accessories.

Medieval Collectibles We are the largest online distributor of Medieval and Renaissance items. Here is a list of things that we offer: Medieval Swords, Renaissance Clothing, Celtic Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry, Medieval Pipes, Lord of the Rings Swords, Renaissance Boots, Authentic Long Bows, Traditional Archery Supplies, Historical Arrow Heads, Functional Armor, Decorative Armor, Chainmail, Leather Armour, Medieval Daggers, Scottish Dirks, Fantasy Daggers, Medieval Helmets, Roman, Scottish, Greek, Celtic, Irish, Peasants, Pirates, Knights, Renaissance Rapiers, Medieval Shields, Scottish Shields, Halberds, Battle Axes, Maces, Flails, Castle Décor, Medieval Banners, Medieval Tapestries, Queens Crowns and Kings Crowns, Renaissance Hats, Leather Masks, Sword Canes and believe it or not, much, much more!

Medieval Dresses and Pirate Shirts   The Middle Ages is the felicitous website for all medieval costumes & dresses need. Here you will serve with high quality of period dress, embellish with rich and opulent designs.

Medieval Clothing and Dresses Find the myriad varieties of medieval clothing in our online store. We are the hub of medieval dresses and costumes where we serve our customers the highest quality of historical attires for instance pirate shirts, gowns and many others.

Pirate Dresses & Gowns is the hub of pirate dresses and gowns. Here you will encounter with some high quality of blouse, chemise, bodice, pants, shirts, skirts, capes and cloaks.

Renaissance Cosumes for Men and Women Ready for some renaissance adventure, grab your set of renaissance costumes. is the ultimate hub for all renaissance medieval costumes.

Wall Art  We are specialists in canvas prints, canvas art, wall art, canvas stretching, canvas mounting and photos being transferred to canvas. We use digital printing technology to enable us to produce the highest quality stretched canvas prints online in the UK.



AnnOtherDay  Ann Asplund's web page of Fiber Arts, Medieval Costumes and Arts, Research and more.

Keith Parkinson's On-Line Home

Patricia Miranda Fine Contemporary painting and Medieval painting

Donato Home Page: Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustrator

Cris Dornaus, Illustrator

Destini Productions Inc. Fantasy Art of Ed Beard Jr.

Douglas Shuler

Daydream Graphics Gallery The art of Randy Gallegos

David B. Mattingly home page

Justin Sweet Illustrator



License Revoked Due To Failure to Pay. Cross Stitch Criteria Sells some of my MAGIC:The Gathering art images. If you see their products with my art on them, please let me know.

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