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This page is where you will find auctions of Randy Asplund's original artworks for Magic The Gathering and Magic Related artworks, including non-card products, copies of The Gathering book containing original art drawn into them, and Artist Proof Card art with drawings/paintings, etc.
(This page does NOT contain items being resold by anyone but the original artist.) See below for a list of other items to be auctioned later.

Auction #1: Sea King's Blessing 
From M:TG- Legends expansion. This Auction ran Sunday August 23 through 11pm Sunday August 30, 2015.
Original CCG art painting. 1993. Archival Acrylic & Alkyd. Image: 5-5/8"x7" on easy to frame 1/8" thick 8x10" Crescent #110 Illustration board (acid free surface). The margin between the image and board edge is plain white. The title, a signature, and the medium used are written on the back.

Auction #2: (Still deciding on item)
This auction will probably start September 20 because I have the Kerrytown Bookfest on September 13 and need time to prepare.

Daily Bid Result Chart

(Numbers reflect the high bid from that day and post by noon next day.)

September, 2015
During Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Bids received by time stamp on the last day. Winning bid reported by Noon Monday.

Received by Sunday 8pm Sunday 9pm Sunday 10 pm Winning Bid by 11pm

Randy Asplund Auction Format & Rules:

1) The schedule of auctions is to be determined, so check this page and my FB pages for information (FB: Randy Asplund: Artist). I will try to hold them a week or two apart, and subject to my own needs. You are welcome to suggest an item to come up sooner than later. You will find a list of items which I intend to auction below these rules.

2) Unless otherwise noted, all auctions will start sometime on a Sunday and conclude at exactly 11pm Eastern Time (Michigan, USA) on the following Sunday night.

3) There will be a silent reserve price on each item. Bidders will not know the reserve in advance. The Reserve is the minimum that the artist is willing to accept for that sale. If and when the reserve is met, starting on Monday the high bid will be seen on both the Auction Page on and announced on Facebook: "Randy Asplund, Artist" by noon the following day, or sooner. NOTE: "Randy Asplund, Artist" is my professional web page. Don't confuse it with my personal page, "Randy Asplund"

4) All bidding will cease at 11pm on the closing Sunday night. No bids will be accepted after that time. The last received time stamp from Facebook up to and including 11pm will be the winner. In the unlikely event that more than one bidder have identical time stamps creating a tie, I will contact them personally and continue the auction in private for a tie breaker of 1 bid each until there is a winner.

5) The winner of the auction will be sent a private congratulatory email by noon the following day. It will include instructions.

6) The winning bid price does NOT include mailing and insurance cost. The winner may express their desired trackable carrier service and level. The cost of trackable mailing and insurance will be added to the price of the art. The seller assumes no liability for the artwork after it enters the mail, but will send it boxed well and bubble wrapped. Larger pieces may be be packaged with a masonite board facing the image for extra protection.

7) By placing a bid you agree to pay the amount of your bid if you win the piece, plus mailing and insurance cost. If you live in Michigan, you agree to also pay 6% State sales tax. You also agree to make the full payment within one week of the ending of the auction. You may use PayPal for credit transactions, but you must pay any and all fees PayPal levies, including transaction, currency conversion, etc. You may pay via personal check on a US bank, but this may cause a delay in sending the art.

8) The high bid of each day (determined at Midnight EST) will be posted on this page and on Facebook: "Randy Asplund, Artist" by noon on the following day. It may post earlier if I'm up and get around to it. I hope to be able to post hourly bids starting at 8pm on the final day. That would happen within a few minutes after the hour. The winning bid will also be posted the following day, but not the name of that bidder (unless they do so themself, but otherwise the winner's name will be confidential).

9) To Bid: You need to register with me to bid. Please email me at and provide your mailing address and your Facebook contact info. You are allowed to place early bids via email, however- email can be erratic and have delays in time stamp or transmission of the message, which might cause you to lose an auction if you send the email close to the 11pm deadline. Therefore I strongly suggest that you make bids on FB. They can be made privately via Private Message. You ARE allowed to make the bid on the timeline. Please note that this is happening on my professional page but NOT on my personal page (FB: "Randy Asplund" is my personal page).

10) After payment has been received in full, the artwork will be promptly packaged and sent.

11) Defaulting on a winning bid is cause to be uninvited from further auctions and a warning to be given to others who run auctions. Cheating the system or its intent by any party will void their participation in the auction, except when used as a means of backing out of a winning bid.

List of works to be auctioned

(NOT in the order they will be offered) Please preview images of the art on

Sea King's Blessing (Auction: Aug. 23-Aug. 30, 2015)
Raging Bull

Both of Reprisal (The Hammerhead and The Leonopteris)
Both of Guerrilla Warfare (Dirty Trick and Every Dirty Trick)

Magic Related:

(These were created as spoofs of Magic Card characters. The first 3 being what they look like 20 years later!)
Power Atog
Shelkin Brown Out
Serra Warrior Princess
Juzam Djinn OpenerAuctions

Created by 41 of the first year Magic artists, the book contains a piece of original Randy Asplund Art on the first page.
Clockwork Avian vs. Griffin. Pencil Rendering. Click here for a picture.