Miscellaneous Science Fiction Models
Randy Asplund

All imagess are copyright Randy Asplund

    This page has some of my collection of Star Wars and other SF models that I've built. I've done several cover paintings for Star Wars models, but usually they have been just the space scape background elements, so they are seen in my Space Art and SF page.

The Pan Am Orion Space PlaneThe Pan Am Orion Space Plane Model

The Pan Am Orion Space Plane Model with Concorde
   The Pan American Orion Space Plane from Stanley Kubrick's famous movie based on Artur C. Clark's book 2001: A Space Odyssey was one of my favorite space vehicles ever. It was a classic scene in the movie and I was deep emerald green with jealosy when I saw that my friend Tom had one. It was decades later as an adult that I finally treated myself to a kit. Here I am depicting it with its cousin the supersonic Concorde jet airliner, which really was (and still is) the closest thing that ever came to the Orion.

AT-ST Walking Tank from Star Wars
AT-ST Walker from Star Wars
This model is 6-1/4" tall

Alien Attach Fighter fron ID-4
Alien Attacker from the movie Independance Day
      This is another simple kit with few parts and a struggle for accuracy, but it was a fun thing to paint. The area in front of the cockpit should have all kinds of hardware in it, but it was created by an American model kit company to cash in on a marketing license. When I compare it to the tediously detailed and complete model kits of the Roden company in Russia, clearly this is just a toy. But I still enjoyed it.

Mini Milenium Falcon & Tie Fighter
Scratch Built Milenium Falcon & Tie Fighter
from Star Wars

These two models were built more or less on Scale with my Star Wars Star Destroyer model. They are scratch built for gaming pieces. The Tie fighter is actually built on the head of a pin for the body. The Milenium Falcon is carved from wood and has a paper dish antenna.