Vikings in their Natural Habitat:
The Foteviken Viking Village Museum

Randy Asplund

All imagess are copyright Randy or Ann  Asplund

     Nobody knows how to play at being a viking better than a real Scandinavian. The reenacting quality over there is incredible. On the southern tip of Sweden sits an ancient site where viking markets were held. Today, very close to that same spot is the Foteviken Viking Village Museum. The village perches on a bluff overlooking the sea between Denmark and Germany. It is surrounded by a high earthen wall and wooden stockade. Inside are many buildings that are authentic reproductions of the buildings used by the scandinavian people of the early middle ages.  There is a reconstructed viking ship, and even a watchtower.

     And it gets better- During special events, people actually live in the buildings as they did 1000 years ago, using the ancient kinds of gear their ancestors used so long ago. The way it works is quite clever. During a Market Event the reenactors fill the area and are not allowed to show anything that is not viking period. They sell wares from the shop fronts and from their period tents. Then when the museum officially closes to the public, the whole place gets turned over to the reenactors. Being Sweden in the summer, there are still many hours of daylight left for having fun. It works great for everybody!

NOTE:  In the images below I waited until most of the people were out of the view before taking the pictures so that we could see the buildings better.

Mainstreet Sweden: 1000 AD
Mainstreet: Thje Foteviken Viking Village Musem during the Market Event

The viking town of Foteviken
Inside the viking town of Foteviken, Sweden

The viking town of Foteviken
A view inside Foteviken showing some of the low roofs along the coast

Bjorn, the owner of Foteviken
Bjorn, the owner of the Foteviken Museum

The viking town of Foteviken
Randy Asplund outside the Great Hall

The viking town of Foteviken
Inside the Great Hall at Foteviken

Inside a house in Viking Foteviken
Inside a house in Viking Foteviken. You can come on in and sit right down.

Merrchants at Viking Foteviken
A merchant house in Viking Foteviken

Inside a merchant house in Viking Foteviken
Inside the merchant house of the previous picture

Inside a house in Viking Foteviken
Living Viking style inside a house at Foteviken

Vikings at Foteviken
Outside, a Grandfather tells stories to a young Viking

The Viking Smithy at Foteviken
Viking smiths working the forge at Foteviken

Viking coin minting
Viking coin minting in Foteviken

The viking longship at Foteviken
The viking longship at Foteviken

Cooking viking style in Foteviken
Cooking viking style in Foteviken. That's the oven in the corner.

Evening at Foteviken, Sweden
Sunset on the Foteviken viking village, 21st century

    Foteviken is a wild trip into life a thousand years ago. The closest thing to it I've seen in the USA are places like Plymouth Plantation and Colonial Williamsburg. And yet it is unique and special in a way that is different from what we have over here. The American living history museums are relatively modern in comparison. When you go to Foteviken you really feel like you have stepped into the past. But if you decide to go there, I strongly recommend that you plan ahead to be there during a viking event because seeing the place in use is a magical experience that far surpasses the museum itself. It is a ghost town without the people, but like Brigadoon, it comes out of time and lives when the vikings are in town.

Thanks for joining us on our safari to see vikings in their natural habitat!

Randy & Ann in Foteviken