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Foteviken Viking Market 2009

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All Along The Watchtower
Children kept the view
While all the Vikings came and shopped
Under crystal skies of blue


Randy and Ann Asplund at the Foteviken open air Viking Museum

Foteviken is a small village on the southern tip of Sweden. It is built with authentic viking period construction. The place is ideal for re-enactment events because the museum allows us to come in for free, use the buildings, live in them, pitch tents around the village and have really authentic events. The general public is allowed during regular hours, and after closing the whole place is a complete step into the past. And believe me, in Sweden, in the summer, there is PLENTY of daylight for many hours after the gates close.


This week is the Foteviken Viking Market. It is the largest Viking Market in Sweden. There are hundreds and hundreds of vikings populating the village and selling wares made by medievalists from Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark, etc. Almost everything is handmade and very inexpensive by American standards. Here are some views of the village and the shopping...

A view down the street towards the sea


Someone has to own the place, and this is him, Bjorn coming the other way...


A goodvillage has a long house, and this is it behnd me.


Inside the long house


Inside a villager's house. As I said, people live here.


A storage area


Next set of pictures: including

The Market!