Randy Asplund's

Scribe and Illuminator Tools
© 2008

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Articles made as props for the National Geographic Channel documentary on the Codex Gigas.
May, 2008.

These articles were commissioned to be used by Michael Hoff Productions for a documentary about tyhe Codex Gigas, also known as the Devil's Bible. The book was made in 12th C Bohemia. The documentary depicts the making of the book, and a period in the 15th century when the binding dates from.

There are more pictures of the process of making a medieval book arts on my web page:
and I can be reached at: RandyAsplund@comcast.net

I have made a reproduction set of scribal arts tools and illuminators tools including:

12th c. type pen knife -Steel, wood, and bone.
A 12th c. style egg white beating tool for making Glair.
2 Sable hair brushes
A pricking & ruling awl
A dome top waxed tablet set with bronze stylus
A lead/tin stylus for underdrawing
A stand alone ceramic ink pot
A penner set -including a second ink well and a very tooled leather pen case
Several quill pens
13 clam shell containing period pigments likely to have been used on the Codex Gigas
A sap green clothlet

Here are some highlights of the collection:

The Penner Set
Quills, Pen Knife, Ink Pots, Pen Case


The Penner Set was worn over the belt.


The waxed Tablet set

Illuminator's Tools:
Lead/Tin Stylus, Sable hair brushes set in quill barrels and wood handles,
And shells containing:Bone Black, Indigo + white, Verdigris, Malachite, Sap Geen, Vergaut, Orpiment, Yellow Ochre, Red Lead, Red ochre + white, Vermilion, Hematite + white.